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Cam Clutch / Backstopper

Change Process & Characters
CAM CLUTH (One way clutch) can overrn freely in one direction of rotation. Reverse rotation is instantaneously prevented by the automatic engagement of the clutch ( also called a backstop clutch or an one way clutch). A change for the better of clutches are as below.
A Kind & Character
Ratchet Type Rollery Type Cam Type
Good point
Can see the operation of clutches.
Bad point
High noise, lower durableness
Good point
Easy to manufacture
Bad point
Machinery low efficiency at high speed operation.
Good point
Profitable at high speed and back rash protecion.
Bad point
Required high precision
Sam Bo Cam Clutch
Cams of sam bo clutches was developed individually on 1992 year in Korea. Have been developed suitably for precision machinery and industrial machinery for the while. High performacne, long time life and high torque load will assure the high precision in your driving system.
Max. Load & Greater Torque Capa
The full complements of cams made special alloy steel provides the maximum number of load transmitting members per given diameter. Resultgreater torque capacity than the other roller clutches.
Long Life Performance
In the roller clutch abrasion of the inner raceway always occur at the same point on each of the roller clutch lands. But the dimpling of cam clutches is distributed around the inner raceway, not concentrated. Therefore, this is assure the long wear resistances and offer long life performace.
High Percision (No Backlash), Silent Operation
Cam clutches has many more load bering points because constantly changing contact point on both races. These has high precision without any back lash and silent operation
Produts Of Sam Bo Clutch Cam Of Sam Bo Clutch


In Backstop application, the clutch outer race is always stationary. The inner race of the clutch can overrun freely in one directon of rotation. Reverse rotaion is instantaneously prevented by the automatic engagement of the cam in the clutch.

Application : Converyor, Bucket Elevator, Lifter, Motor Wintch, Crane.


In this mode of operation, reciprocating motion by rack & poinion gear and cylinder is imparted to the driving race of the clutch. Then, this motion is transmitted to the driven race in one directional intermittent motion

Application : Cutting machines, Press, Auto-Puncher, Quilting Machines, Packing Machines.
(Transfer the material in the same stroked)


The output can rotate faster than the input is contisue to rotate if the input is stopped

Application EX:
If a large motor or turbine has to be run up to speed by a slow sleed stater motor, the use of a clutches enables the starter motor to be shut down.
If a clutches is interposed in a drive between a gear box and a large machine or fan, the clutch prevents any backdrive or damage to the gearbox in the event of power failure

Application : Large Blower(Fan), Calender, Kiln, Heavy lindustry Machinery, Crusher, Mill, Textile Machines, Printers, Agricultural machinery.
Application example
Roll Feeeder Gear Reducer
(Applied Model: B200K Series)
Roll Feeeder
(Applied Model: MI - K Series)
Gear Reducer
(Applied Model : MI - K Series)
Cable Reel Srring Coiling Machine
Cable Reel
(Applied Model: Special Type)
Srring Coiling Machine
(Applied Model : MI - K Series)
Applied Model: BS - K Series
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