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Automatic Container Lifter

Automatic Container Lifter


Why the Automatic Type container Lifter is required ?
At present following hurdles are being faced in manual operation. [Manual operation: - Container lifter is hung on the crane hook and two individuals are required at ground to position the lifter on the container and then locking it with the help of the rope. Crane operation is controlled by another operator at Overhead crane. ]

At least 10minutes are consumed in one container to lift.
3 persons are always engaged during operation.
No indicator of positive locking of the twist locks.
Cumbersome operation.
Crane operator has to coordinate continuously with the one in ground with his voice, which at sometimes become very tiresome.

Proposal is to modify the existing manual container lifter to an Automatic system. [Automatic system: - This would have a radio remote control for closing and opening of twist lock. Locking of twist locks would be indicated with a Beacon on the control panel mounted on the beam. This modification will have flaps at the corner edge of beam for the ease of location of the ISO holes to engage the twist locks. No person is required near the container while engaging and lifting of container. The locking is done with the help of Actuator motor and Cam arrangement]

Operation time would be reduced to 5mins.
Only crane operator is sufficient to operate crane as well as lock-lift operation of the container.
Buzzer/Beacon would be provided when all four twisting locks are positively locked.
Flaps at 3 corners would help fast to locate the ISO holes for engagement of twist locks.
Human resource saving.
Time saving one point operation.

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