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Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Coil Lifters

Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, Coil Lifters

Lifting Beam

Lifting beams are ideal for lighter and shorter span lifts that don’t require a lot of headroom. Because there is a single bail attachment on the top for the crane to attach to, it doesn’t require the same amount of headroom that a spreader beam does.

Lifting beam are used where the load is being lifted puts a bending stress on the beam.

• Use for 2, 3 or 4 point lifting or as spreader beam (add top rigging)
• Adjustable lifting points
• Good for unbalanced loads
• Low headroom
• Shackles included

• 6" spread adjustments • 4" bail adjustments OPTIONS
• Pair of swivel hooks
• Top chain rigging


Coil Lifters

Coil Hook With Pivoting Wedge (DDCH)


For easy upending of coils from horizontal to vertical.

Pivoting wedge great for lifting coils that have been stacked.

Wedge also acts as a coil retainer.

Excels in use with small, lightweight coils.

Good for limited overhead clearance.

Standard handle for easier coil positioning.

Heavy Duty Coil Hook (DHCL)


Designed for heavy duty applications.

High tensile alloy steel plate reduces physical size and weight.

Counter balanced to hang level when empty.

Inside redius on hooks avoid coil edge contact.

Guide handles for ease of hook positioning.

Handles a wide range of coil widths.

Available with optinal padding for additional coil protection.

Lifting Beams

Adjustable Spreader/Lifting Beam (DASB)


Adjustable lifting points.

Good for unbalanced loads.

Low headroom.

Shackles included.

6" spread adjustments.

4" bail adjustments.

Use for 2, 3 or 4 point lifting or as spreader beam (add top rigging).


Pair of swivel hooks - Code S*.

Top chain rigging - Code C.

Adjustable Lifting Beam (DALB)


Adjust bail for unbalanced load.

6" spread adjustments.

Shackles included.


Pair of swivel hooks - Code S*.

Lifting Tackles And Spreader Beam

Adjustable Lifting Beam

Adjustable Coil Lifter

Fixed Spread Lifting Beam

Adjustable Spreader Beam

C Type Coil Lifter

C Type Heavy Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter With Spring

Lifting Beam

Adjustable Shifting Beam

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