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Goods Lift

Goods Lift

Hydraulic Goods Lift
The hydraulic goods lift is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. It is used to transfer goods between the second and third floors of industrial plants.

* Used for material shifting from shop floor to up stairs.
* Up & down movement with fully automatic Electro Hydraulic Power Pack.
* Adjustable overload protection valve gives safety against overloading.
* Power pack is on ground for easy maintenance work.
* Up & down movement are controlled by height limit switches in addition to mechanical stoppers.
* Occupies small space on shop floor.
* Two lifting chains & 2 stand by ropes are provided as standard features.


Single mast or double mast.

Capacity up to 50 tons.

Height maximum 6 meter or 2 floors.

All type of construction of cage, both in Stainless steel and Mild steel.

In built safety features for overload, limit switches for both level control and gate control.

Control panel with all safety and indicator features.

Rubber shock absorbers.

Hydraulic system with overload relief valve, flow control valve and solenoid valves.

High quality heavy duty hydraulic cylinders and hose pipes and fittings.

Motor of reputed make like Crompton & Greaves, Hindustan Motor, Bharat Bijlee etc.

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