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Drives & Drives

Coil Lifter / C Hook / Steel Coil Lifter / Vertical Coil Lifter

Coil Lifter / C Hook / Steel Coil Lifter / Vertical Coil Lifter

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Drives & Drives, lifting division designs, manufactures wide range of lifting tackles, lifting beams, spreader beams and all types of coil lifters. Our application engineering team provides solutions of lifting tackles based on your application. We use the latest materials and provide solutions that are light in weight and yet strong so that dead weight on the cranes or material handling device is minimal.

Our other standard product range consists of lifting slings and points manufactured by “CARTEC” Italy in grade 80 and 100 with ‘H’ mark confirming usage upto 20000 loading cycles. Lifting slings can be provided upto 63Ton WLL/SWL. We also supply webbing slings, both round and flat up to 100 tons capacity with ISI certification, 6:1 safety factor. We can provide anti abrasive cover to protect the belt from sharp edges while lifting steel plates or coils. We also supply magnetic lifters, horizontal and vertical plate lifting clamps.

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