Roller Chains and Sprockets, Diamond Precision Roller Chains, Heavy Roller Chain, Mumbai, India

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Roller Chains And Sprockets

Roller Chains And Sprockets
Precision transmission roller chains as per British and American Standards and sprockets to suit these chains.
DRIVES & DRIVES SPROCKETS AND PINIONS for Precision Roller Chains Simplex
Sprocket Wheels are manufactured from quality materials. Teeth are hob – cut for correct tooth form, tooth thickness and Profile. Assuring maximum life of chain and Sprocket Wheel.Though the tables are given upto 1”pitch, can hob sprockets upto 2 ½” pitch in British/ American standard of any no. of strands. Plate type sprockets can also be supplied in all sizes as per customers requirements. Sprockets can be teeth induction hardened / volume hardened as per customers requirement.
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